Besson Sovereign Tuba BBb (BE994)

$22,599.00 NZD inc. GST

Available in Clear Lacquer or Bright Silverplate

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The re-designed Besson Sovereign Tuba BBb retains the 19-inch bell as the earlier model, but it is now shorter, putting the player completely in touch with this instrument’s superb sound. From “pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo” this tuba offers the musician an instrument that is unequaled in quality and performance. The Besson Sovereign Tuba BE994 features a .750-inch bore with a 4 top action piston compensating design that demonstrates perfect intonation throughout the registers and provides an immense dynamic range and powerful low register.

For BBb players the mighty 994 Tuba provides a tremendously sonorous bass voice to any large ensemble, yet is lighter than older models.
Built to the highest standards of technical proficiency and finish, there is no other tuba of its kind that comes close to matching the performance of this BBb.
It is the ultimate instrument for the ultimate tuba section.


Key :
Ø bore :
.730″ ( 18,54 mm )
Bell :
hand-made in yellow brass
Ø bell :
19″ ( 483 mm )
Weight :
26lb ( 11 800 g )
Valves :
4 compensating valves ( 3+1 )
Waterkeys :
Finishes :
clear lacquer or bright silverplate


  • Bell: Better sound projection
  • Case: Protection and ease of handling
  • Compensating System: Improved intonation, smooth response over a four octave range
  • Delrin Valve Guides: Smooth valve action
  • Light weight valve springs with dampers: Ensure fast, positive and silent valve action
  • Valves: Comfortable hand position, less damage
  • Water Keys: Improved drainage


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