Denis Wick Ultra Series Tuba Mouthpiece Silver

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Denis Wick Ultra Series Mouthpiece for Tuba

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Denis Wick Ultra Series Tuba Mouthpiece Silver

Finish – Silver Plated

The euphonium, baritone and tuba Ultra mouthpieces have a heavier outer profile, a rounder cup and a sharper inner edge to the rim than the Classic models. This makes for the ultimate playing experience – a mouthpiece that is powerful and very secure with a big, rounded sound.

The trumpet Ultras have cups derived from vintage American models and rims designed for agility and endurance. Combined with a heavy but elegant profile, these versatile mouthpieces have a dense, focused sound with excellent projection.

All gold-plated Ultra mouthpieces have a triple-thickness of gold, and both silver and gold-plated versions are engraved with the Ultra logo.



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