Denis Wick Tenor Trombone Fibre Straight Mute

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Denis Wick Tenor Trombone Fibre Mute

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Denis Wick Tenor Trombone Fibre Straight Mute

New from Denis Wick – great-sounding and versatile fibre mutes for trumpet and trombone.

These sensational mutes have a seamless construction and wooden bases.

They are suitable for use in orchestra and bands but are also great for jazz, making a gentle Duke Ellington-style sound which is great for jazz-ensemble work.

They have the excellent intonation that is the hallmark of Denis Wick mutes, but provide a professional mute at a student price.

  • Great tone with easy to control quiet notes and a sizzling forte sound
  • Superb intonation in all registers
  • Even response from high to low
  • Suitable for use in band and orchestral music
  • Beautiful sound for jazz
  • Sturdy construction with a wooden base that gives extra resonance
  • Real cork which has been specially contoured and will flex and take on the shape of the instrument’s bell
  • Protective bumper strip to prevent damage to bell when putting the mute into the instrument
  • Greatly reduces sound output – suitable for home practice
  • Sensational value
  • Easily the best-performing mute at this price-point
  • Seamless construction

“No other mute available at this price point can approach the level of performance of the new Denis Wick fibre mute!” – Richard Galime, Chicago


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