Ian Bousfield V4 Large Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece

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Large shank trombone mouthpiece

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Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank

The V4 is a slightly scaled down version of the V3. The overall design of the V4 is exactly the same as Ian’s personal V3. The difference is in cup diameter. This mouthpiece will work for those that find the V3 too wide in cup diameter. I Love this mouthpiece and I would definitely use this on a lot of repertoire, in particular if I were playing in a traditional brass or wind band. -griego

•  Cup Diameter: 1.024 inches (26.01 mm)
•  Throat: 0.276 inches (7.01 mm)

Comparison to the Bousfield “S” Series: These new V and O series Bousfield mouthpieces are unique, differing from the Signature “S” series mouthpieces first released in 2013-14. The rim shapes, which were and are a hallmark element of the Bousfield line, remain the same. The cup diameters, cup shapes, throats and backbores have all been changed to achieve a balanced piece that works well for all types of trombones, from Thayer to conventional rotor instruments. The outside shape, though somewhat similar in appearance to the Signature line, has also been reworked to allow for better weight distribution. -griego


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