Griego 1.25 Deco Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece

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Large shank bass trombone mouthpiece

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Bass Trombone Mouthpiece – silver

A large bass trombone mouthpiece, larger than a Bach 1G, but smaller than a Schilke 59.

 •  28.30mm cup diameter.
 •  7.92mm (0.312″) throat bore.
 •  Silver plated.

Orchestral players who play a 58 or 1.5 will love the feel of the Griego 1.25. Most bass trombone mouthpieces are unbalanced, which causes a wide array of sound widths and tonal colors throughout the different registers. We have paid very close attention to the balance between the cup, throat, and backbore of our mouthpieces. The end result is a mouthpiece that maintains tonal colour no matter the tessitura. The upper register maintains the core sound without becoming diffuse. The lower register is full with plenty of energy in the sound. Sleek “Deco” style exterior is heavier than traditional models, allowing for a darker, more focused sound. -Griego


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