Denis Wick Trombone Heritage Series Mouthpiece

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Silver with Gold Cup and Rim – Various Sizes

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Denis Wick Trombone Heritage Series Mouthpiece

A revolutionary idea, using as its basis 19th century models with a thin-walled cup nearest to the rim. Modern CNC technology has further reduced the wall thickness to 1.2mm. To this is added a modern idea; greater metal mass at the bottom of the cup. The result is a rich sound, with a scintillating upper overtone structure, incredible responsiveness in pp playing and a much easier high register. This is a powerful mouthpiece but is also highly responsive. The elegant gold-plating of rim and cup combined with the silver-plated body make this model look as good as it sounds.

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00AL, 0AL, 1AL, 2AL, 2NAL, 3AL, 4ABL, 4AL, 4BL, 4BS, 4.5AL, 5AL, 5ABL, 5BL, 5BS, 6AL, 6BS, 7CS, 9BL, 9BS, 10CS, 12CS


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