Alliance WFM-DC Euphonium Mouthpiece, Silver Plated

$175.00 NZD inc. GST

David Childs Signature Euphonium Mouthpiece


David Childs WFM-DC Signature Euphonium Mouthpiece, Silver Plated


  • Internal diameter of the cup: 26.40 mm
  • Medium cup
  • This mouthpiece offers a full, round tone especially in the lower register
  • Silver-plated
Cup Depth Medium
Cup Diameter in mm 26,40 mm
Finish Silver Plated


David Childs uses this exact model (WFM-DC with gold plate) when playing euphonium. Also the mouthpiece of choice (in gold plate) for euphonium legend Robert Childs.

Cup Diameter: 26 mm
Rim: 6.73 mm
Bore: 7.45 mm
Cup: Deep
Comparison: Denis Wick Classic 4AL and Ultra SM4U, Bach 4G


The perfect mouthpiece to combine delicate articulation with tonal focus and brilliance in the high register. David Childs uses this mouthpiece (in gold plate) when playing trombone.

Cup Diameter: 25.75 mm
Rim: 6.73 mm
Bore: 7.4 mm
Cup: Deep
Comparison: Denis Wick Classic 5AL and Ultra SM5U, Bach 5G, Schilke 52D


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