Tromba Plastic Trumpet

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Tromba Plastic Trumpet (Bb) – Various Colours

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Why a plastic trumpet?

Why not? There is no law that says a trumpet must be made from brass. Indeed had plastic been around before brass then we could be discussing the introduction of a brass made trumpet that would be outside the norm.

We are not trying to defy convention but add a new dimension. Tromba Plastic Trumpet is designed to fit certain needs and add benefit to situations where previously they didn’t exist.

Funky Featherweight

So what are the benefits of the Tromba plastic trumpet and where do they fit in relation to conventional brass trumpets?

The first obvious point to make is that they are much lighter, around 500g which is a substantial difference from a brass instrument. This has the advantage of being easier to hold for longer periods reducing fatigue and increasing attention spans especially in young learners.

Keep those fingers moving!

Being light they are ideal for those who are later in years or maybe have shoulder problems, muscular or rheumatic issues and alike.

Tromba trumpets are ideal for long practice sessions, for marching bands and general outdoor use. They feel warmer in cold weather, no need for thick gloves to protect your hands against cold metal.

They are hygienic and easily cleaned, extremely robust and damage resistant especially in the hands of over enthusiastic players and situations.

Portable Plastic – Play anywhere!

They are great for packing away ready for your holiday practice time and fun at parties when you don’t want to get your expensive horn out. They can be colour customised to suit you school, football team or any colour co-ordination required to make the trumpet that little bit special.

There are so many other benefits that suit all ages and playing skills but most importantly of all — they sound great, play great and represent unbeatable value for money.


Under the hood

  • Looks that last

    • High quality stainless steel pistons with ABS core
    • Supplied with 2 quality colour co-ordinated plastic mouthpieces (3C & 5C)
    • Damage resistant and easy clean surfaces
    • Colour customisable and interchangeable parts
  • Functional features

    • Precision made high quality Bb plastic trumpet
    • 5” One Piece Bell, 0.459 Bore
    • Weight: Approx. 500g
    • Extremely robust and sturdy ABS construction
    • Adjustable 1st,2nd and 3rd valve tuning slides
    • Adjustable main tuning slide
    • 2 Water keys (main tuning and 3rd valve tuning slides)
    • Conventional top sprung valves with interchangeable springs
    • Rugged one piece moulded valve block
    • Unique twist and lock quick release top and bottom valve caps
    • Valves can be lubricated by any normal quality synthetic oil
    • 5 bracing points from bell section to valve block and leadpipe section
    • Reinforced mouthpiece receiver—accepts any standard metal mouthpiece
    • Conventional design with smooth comfort hold styling



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