JP351SWLT Trumpet Bb Smith-Watkins Designed

$2,299.00 NZD inc. GST

JP Smith-Watkins Bb Lightweight Trumpet Outfit


JP351SWLT Trumpet in lacquer or silverplate finish both trumpet bodies are made of high grade brass with a copper content of 80%. The silver plated model produces a distinctive brighter sound. The ultra lightweight bell is made in one piece giving more sound projection.

The shape of the leadpipe on the trumpet has been designed by Dr Richard Smith of Smith Watkins. Dr Smith is world renowned for his expertise with leadpipes and acoustics, this leadpipe is exclusive to these trumpets and is large bore.
The JP351SWLT has a reverse nickel silver lead pipe as standard giving a sound perfect for those big band moments. The trumpet also comes with first and third mobile throws.

The trumpet is supplied with a JP601 mouthpiece, an all round starter mouthpiece, neither too deep nor too shallow. Many players will customise their instrument with their own choice of mouthpiece, which adheres to their specific playing requirements. The trumpet case is lightweight and strong, it comes with backpack straps, shoulder straps and carrying handles for convenience and security. There is an internal accessory section and external pocket for sheet music.


  • High grade (80:20) brass – For enhanced durability and resonance
  • Large bore (.470) – For power when you need it
  • Ultra lightweight one piece bell – For more attack and projection
  • Smith Watkins nickel silver reverse leadpipe – Sophisticated design for higher performance and bolder sound
  • Mobile 1st & 3rd valve slides – For tuning accuracy
  • 3rd valve slide water key – To remove water effectively and avoid blockages
  • High tolerance monel valves – For reliability and nice ‘feel’
  • Bell ring – For strength and resonance
  • ‘Abalone’ pearls – To enhance appearance
  • High quality lightweight case with backpack and shoulder straps
  • Available in lacquer or silver plate finish

Mark Armstrong – Musical Director at NYJO and Jazz professor at the Royal College of Music
“I was recently asked by the chaps at John Packer’s if I would review one of their recent introductions to the market – the JP351SWLT trumpet. Having both tried and been impressed by some of their earlier instruments I was keen to see what they had conjured up now. This interest was further enhanced by the fact that this instrument is a movement into new higher market areas for the Packer team and this means that you are battling with tougher opposition. Firstly the model number – ‘SW’ shows that, once again, Richard Smith (of Smith-Watkins) has been involved both in the overall design and, specifically, the all important lead pipe. The ‘LT’ refers to the fact that the bell is very lightweight which, combined with the nickel silver reverse leadpipe, is an interesting combination on a large bore instrument.

“On first sight I was impressed by the build quality – lovely construction and the slides and valves all moved sweetly and positively. Not only are Packers collaborating with the best designers in the west they are also using western grades of materials and, it seems, the best technology to ensure good construction quality. This instrument is over £1000 less than my own trumpet, but the build quality appeared to be equal. It’s impressive even when you open the case and take a look at it.

“That’s the cosmetics dealt with, but how does it all combine as a working tool for a musician? I tested this trumpet both at home and ‘in the field’. My initial tests made me feel so confident in the instrument’s capability that it has now been heard by many people who have been to see Chicago in the West End. The sound is pleasingly warm and centred even at extreme dynamics and its overall characteristics make it ideal for jazz, big band or show music etc. Capable of power or subtlety with equal ease.

“Frankly, at this price, this instrument is amazing value. Packer’s intention in bringing higher quality & performance to the market place at accessible prices has certainly been achieved. I have been happy to use it professionally and will be using it again on Boxing day when I take NYJO to the Today programme. This trumpet is without doubt capable of professional performance, but priced to be accessible to players doing the higher ABRSM grade exams. Great combination!”


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