JP231RATH Tenor Trombone Bb

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JP231 RATH Tenor Trombone Excellent Student Trombone Featuring Rath Components


The JP231RATH Tenor Trombone Bb is the collaborative result of Michael Rath’s famed craftsmanship and John Packer’s respected range of brass and woodwind. The JP Rath trombones have generated a lot of positive comments and are now in demand across the globe. They are characterised by a professional standard of workmanship and a very high level of performance. Often compared with professional models, the JP231RATH Tenor Trombone competes extremely well against more expensive instruments from top makers. The JP231RATH and JP Rath range as a whole benefit from exactly the same manufacturing processes to slide and bell as Michael Rath’s own handmade instruments ensuring customers a truly spectacular result.

The JP231RATH Tenor Trombone features a unique and exclusively designed Michael Rath leadpipe and is created from high grade 80:20 brass throughout. An 8″ bell and .525″ medium large bore is included as standard giving players great projection and superior articulation throughout the range. A truly spectacular tenor trombone.

The JP231RATH Tenor Trombone Bb is supplied with a JP606 mouthpiece and lightweight case. The case is well designed to be robust yet lightweight and to provide as much protection to your instrument as possible. It is equipped with backpack straps and a comfortable should strap as standard and also includes a small storage pocket accessible from the outside suitable for storing small accessories and sheetmusic.

Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP231RATH Tenor Trombone Bb is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested prior to sale.


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: Medium large .525″ (13.34mm)
  • Bell: 8″, High Grade 80:20 Brass
  • Slide: High Grade 80:20 Brass
  • Finishes: Lacquer, Silver Plate, Satin, Black Lacquer, Antique, Frosted Gold
  • Additional features: Exclusive Michael Rath designed leadpipe
  • Supplied with: JP606 Mouthpiece, JP Pro lightweight case


Brass Band World magazine gave trombonist, Jonathan Pippen, the JP332 and 231 Rath trombones to road-test and he was bowled over by the unrivalled quality to price ratio.
“These new offerings from John Packer, designed by British trombone guru, Michael Rath, promise much in the way of quality to price ratio.”

The JP231 Rath is a .525″ medium large bore trombone, which is exactly the sort of instrument most players will start on and most teachers will recommend. It is a straight Bb model with 8-inch bell. It has a warm sound, more akin to a large bore instrument, but production feels easy. It’s well balanced and comfortable to hold, this trombone finds itself up against stiff competition from all quarters of the industry. The playing characteristic is full and mellow, and the heavy bell centres the sound.

The smaller of the two instruments (JP231 Rath) would be perfect for a beginner and it would not be out of place in the hands of a professional as a spare or emergency trombone while working in the big band or pop industry. The build quality is far in excess of its £432 price tag. The larger instrument raises more questions regarding its place in the world of beginner / intermediate instruments.

These are solid functional trombones and, in my opinion, offer unsurpassed value for money and are without doubt one of the finest instruments on the market..”

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Lacquer, Silverplate


  1. Stephen Sykes

    Stephen Sykes, 2009 Radio 2 Best Young Brass Soloist The JP231RATH is the next step up from the JP230RATH and is really aimed at the committed student performer – although amazingly it costs the same! You can tell the difference almost immediately – the slightly larger bore (.525) and 8” bell allowing a greater amount of airflow through the lead-pipe that really does keep resistance at a minimum. There is a greater depth to the tone of the instrument – fuller, darker, broader, but equally as well centred and rounded as the 230. It’s still a very flexible instrument too, with great intonation throughout the range and the ability to pierce through heavy accompaniment when required. Once again I was impressed by the build quality with a great super-fast slide action allied to a balanced feel to the instrument as a whole. As with the 230 it comes with a mouthpiece (although its not really required) a lightweight case that offers plenty of protection even in the Student’s Union bar and carrying straps so it can be stuck on your bag for the journey home from band practice. It also comes in an excellent standard lacquer, silver plate, black, satin, antique and even frosted gold lacquer finish (although these cost a little bit more at £407), and provides a really flexible tool for a very competitive price.

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