Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil (Ultra Light)

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Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil Ultra Light is made for the closest tolerance valves. It is lighter in weight than our Professional valve oil and will make your valves feel faster and lighter. Works well on all brands of instruments and especially on very tight valves which can stick with other valve oils. Non-toxic, synthetic, odorless, long-lasting. 


Usage Tips: How to oil your valves

When you first use Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, we recommend that you remove the valves and the bottom valve caps and squirt a lot of oil on the valves and down the casings to remove old oils.  Or you can give your horn a good bath and let it dry. Use plenty of oil for the first few times in order to remove all old oils and debris.

For normal re-oiling, just pull the valve up as shown in the picture, and apply three to five drops per valve.  Even if your valves are feeling fine, it is good to do this at least once a week to protect the metal and to rinse down small particles that may slow your valve action.



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