Cherub Metronome/Tuner/Tone Generator

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Cherub 3 in 1 – Metronome, Tuner, Tone Generator

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Cherub Metronome/Tuner/Tone Generator

  1. Tuner
    • Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz)
    • Tuning mode: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Wind instruments
    • Tuning precision: ±1 cent
    • A4 range: 430~450Hz
    • Detection Method: Mic, Line-in
    • Flat tuning: b  bb bbb bbbb
    • Display mode: LCD Display, LED Display
    • Tuning method: Auto
    Tone Generator
    • Reference tone range: Chromatic       2A~6A
                                     Guitar            6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E
                                     Bass              LB, 4E, 3A, 2D, 1G, HC
                                     Violin             4G, 3D, 2A, 1E
                                     Ukulele C        4G, 3C, 2E, 1A
    • Reference tone precision: ±0.5 cent
    • Tempo range: 30~250 bpm
    • Beat: 0~9
    • Tempo precision: ±0.3%
    • Metronome sound: Electronic sound
    • Power supply: 3V(2xAAA)batteries
    • Dimensions: 106(W)x14(D)x65(H)mm
    • Weight: 60g

    Metronome(With Tap Tempo), Tuner & Tone Generator

  2. Light weight and elegant appearance
  3. Ultra large LCD gives you a better view
  4. Tuning range: C, F, B, E(suitable for all wind instruments)
  5. Auto-off function. The machine will automatically turn off if there is no operation for 5 minutes
  6. Saves settings upon power-off


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