Lyre Head with Lacquer Finish (Adjustable Card Holder)

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Lyre Head with Lacquer Finish (Adjustable Card Holder)

Denis Wick Lyres

The Denis Wick lyres are cleverly designed with a detachable lyre head, which means the height of the lyre head on the stem is completely adjustable by means of a tightening screw and a box.

The music can be adjusted to the right height, making it much easier to read than when using a non-adjustable lyre.

The stems are 4.1 mm (0.16”) in width and fit most lyre boxes.

The lyres, which are engraved with the Denis Wick name, are available in either a hard-wearing lacquer finish or silver-plate for brass instruments, and in silver-plate only for woodwind instruments.

Stems and lyre heads are supplied separately.


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