Denis Wick Cornet Straight Mute Copper Bottom Soprano

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Soprano Cornet/Eb Trumpet Mute with Brass Bottom –┬áModel: 5520C

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Denis Wick Cornet Straight Mute

The Denis Wick Cornet Straight Mute is made from high purity spun aluminium, ‘scotchbrite’ finished and bright silver anodised. Offer brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world’s finest professionals. Excellent intonation.

The Copper bottom gives a slightly denser sound with a different overtone pattern. It works particularly well at softer dynamics. It is preferred by some professional symphonic players.

Denis Wick offers a range of mutes to suit all players and playing situations. British-made Denis Wick mutes are acclaimed worldwide for their sound quality, intonation in all dynamic ranges and superb workmanship.


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