Wallace Aluminium Trumpet Studio Practice Mute

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Aluminium Trumpet Studio Practice Mute

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Aluminium Trumpet Studio Practice Mute

The most adaptable practice mute ever made, with adjustable resistance and a stiff yet lightweight aluminium body, this mute will surprise you time after time. Adjust the resistance and see how the resistance is quickly reduced until the mute blows as freely as the open trumpet. As the resistance is reduced the sound becomes more present and the tone changes dramatically. This mute has to be played to appreciate just how many ways it can be used; practice mute, quiet straight mute, or remove the resistor and use it as a jazz mute. Pitch and centre is maintained over the entire register.

  • studio practice mute
  • all aluminium
  • adjustable resistance
  • can be used as jazz mute
  • stable pitch and centre


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