Griego-Alessi 7C Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece

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Large shank 7C trombone mouthpiece

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Large shank trombone mouthpiece for the advanced player.

 •  25.50mm (1.004 inch) cup diameter.
 •  Medium “C” cup.
 •  0.283″ throat.
 •  Compares to a Bach 5, 5G or 6 in diameter.
 •  Equivalent to Greg Black “Straight.”

“Great all around mouthpiece. Very close to standard Bach 5 except with Alessi wider rim.” -Griego

Developing these mouthpieces with Joseph Alessi has been very educational on all ends. Care was taken to keep the Alessi specifications exact and to his standards. The rim on this line is very unique and gives the player a wider rim allowing for a very stable mouthpiece. We did not change anything in the rim and cups [from the previous Greg Black series]. The new 7 series gives you a selection of mouthpieces that correspond with Bach 5 mouthpiece cup diameter with all of the great qualities of the Alessi Series. In developing this line we did do one thing different: We analyzed mouthpiece weights and their corresponding relationship to resonance and response. Rather than offering multiple lines of different weights, we built every weight time would allow and analyzed their qualities individually, in the orchestra and in solo settings. Once our target weights were established with Joe’s personal mouthpieces (1 series) these weights were put into the 3, 5 and 7 series. Each model has a unique weight in respect for the job it is intended to perform.

The goal within this series is for you to find not only the mouthpiece that will work for everything, but the series that will work for you. Once you find the correct cup diameter that matches your face you can then use different cup depths for different music without changing the feel on your face. This allows for instantaneous changing without the need for embouchure confusion. Need to play Bolero? No problem. Go a cup or two shallower and play with ease. Need to play Mahler? No problem. Go acup or two deeper and life is good without the normal equipment change problems.

In order to understand the new Alessi Series you must focus only on two things: (1) What cup diameter do I need?; and (2) What cup depth do I need? Cup diameter is set with the number system 1, 3, 5 and 7 (large to small). The 1, 3, and 5 series correspond exactly to the previous Greg Black models. Cup depth is set with letters A through F, with F being the deepest. -Griego


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