Denis Wick Buzz Tube

$95.00 NZD inc. GST

New from Denis Wick – Buzz Tube by Steven Mead



Denis Wick Buzz Tube

New from DW, The Denis Wick Buzz Tube is practice accessory for Trombone, Euphonium and Baritone that was designed in conjunction with Steven Mead.

Mead “It’s a superb way to make your mouthpiece practice more interesting, giving you a firmer sound, more solid and rich. The Denis Wick Buzz Tube has an excellent air flow, very similar to when you play your instrument, and will help you to get a more positive response from your lips.”

Mouthpiece not included – Available in Large Shank Trombone/Euphonium or Small Shank Trombone/Baritone


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