Tromba Plastic Jazzbone

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Tromba Plastic Jazzbone (Bb)

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Say Hello to the Tromba Plastic Jazzbone

Half the slide, double the fun!

Tromba Plastic Jazzbone is a distinct looking instrument, its slide length is halved but doubled side by side so that it has the same playing length and tone as a conventional Bb tenor trombone.

However that being said its half-length slide means that the normal slide positions are in effect halved making the transition distance between positions much closer which in turn allows for faster note changes which is more suitable for certain pieces of music or for just adding your own unique style to a piece.

The other advantage is that for short arm learners i.e. children, the lower notes become much easier to reach on a half-length slide rather than a conventional full length slide where 6th and 7th are usually too far for them to stretch.

Small things – Big Ideas

Another great advantage is that when the Tromba Plastic Jazzbone is packed away it is a much smaller instrument than a conventional trombone and makes for convenient travelling not to mention for using in cramped environments such as orchestra pits and marching bands etc.

Double slides are not new, the concept has been seen before however now that we have made advances in materials and manufacturing processes the double slide really has something new and unique to offer.

Balanced and Free Floating

Jazzbone has a very special and unique component to the instrument not found on any doubleslide versions previously. Jazzbone has a free floating backslide, this new slide system means that it will always find its centre of least resistance when playing to ensure a smooth and free action slide.

This new patented concept brings double slides into the 21st century and is a great advancement.

Plastic plays pitch perfect

Jazzbone also has a removable training slide for those who are used to a conventional slide length. This device stops the slide from travelling too far. It can be removed once the player has become accustomed to the shorter slide length.

Regardless of if you are a novice or expert player Jazzbone offers a new and unique playing experience. It’s tough, robust and easy to transport and attracts a lot of attention whenever it is played.

Under the hood

  • Looks that last

    • Metallic Gold and Silver Finishes
    • High gloss appearance
    • Made from toughened ABS plastic – no dents
    • Damage resistant finish – no scratches
    • Ultrasonically welded – no glue to come unstuck
    • Encased balanced weight with logo facility
  • Functional features

    • Lock ring slide
    • Pitched in Bb
    • Adjustable Tuning Slide
    • 48 size ABS mouthpiece
    • Double traditional style water keys with replaceable seals
    • Unique Removable Training Slide
    • .500″ Bore with 8″ Bell
    • Coated slides for super smooth action


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