Besson Sovereign Euphonium (BE967T)

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Available in Clear Lacquer or Bright Silverplate

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The Besson Sovereign Euphonium (BE967) was one of the first compensating euphoniums ever offered. The Sovereign euphoniums are slightly lighter than the Prestige models, providing a very open and free-blowing feel with an immediacy of response that appeals to many musicians. All Sovereign models are large bore, 4-valve compensating instruments, with the 968 having a slightly smaller bell than the 967.


The new family member is the 967T, which is the classic 967 model with a new addition – the famous tuning slide trigger from the Prestige euphonium, giving increased control over all aspects of the tuning, and slightly darkening the tone.


Sovereign euphoniums have a facility and versatility that make them highly sought-after euphoniums, and like all the Besson brass range, they have benefited greatly from developments in valve technology since production commenced in Germany.


Besson Sovereign Euphonium (BE967T)
Key: Bb
Bore: .590″ (14.98mm)
Hand-made bell in yellow brass
Bell diameter: 12″ (304mm)
Weight: 10lb 8oz (4700g)
4 compensating valves (3+1)
Main tuning slide trigger
3 waterkeys
Removable valve block gutter
Finish: Clear Lacquer or bright silver plate



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